19V2000 XY Vector Chassis Site

 BY DEZBAZ    Edited  12-September-2018

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V2000 Whole Schematic Diagram

Parts we sell - Amazing Arcading Manual 19" (Andysarcade.de)

Color Version of above

incl PINOUTS of CR6 neck (19VARP4)

Other Chassis Sites Manual 15" (Andysarcade.de)
Dez'sAmplifone Site Awesome Like new 15" Pictures (Andysarcade.de)
Dez's WG6100 Site
Dez's LAI KZ 19" BW chassis site
Dez's G05-801 BW Chassis Site
2N3792 PNP (Q7 & 17) Deflection Transistors: 2N3716 NPN (Q6 & Q16) NEW
V2000 Deflection Board Transistor Equivalents Chart

The Real Bob Roberts Site
Atari Vector FAQ's
Manual for the Wells Gardner 19V2000 19" B&W Monitor Black & White Vector Monitor FAQs
Manual V2000 (Textfiles)
Dezbaz Index Page
Setting Purity & Convergence
GPE Electronics
Atari.pdf (Origin Unknown & Similar to above)
Cap Kit for this monitor (Juniors Revenge)
Wyse Model 60 Schematic (Mono Monitor)
Pinouts and Voltages (Thanks Black Matrix) Bournes Trimmers Sheet
Used in Meteor, Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe On the HV Q906 (BU207) Alternative = 2SC1046L
Voltages (ex Ataricade) On the HV Q900 (BU409) Alternative = 2SD401A
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