Updated 09-October-2016


Amplifone Circuit Ref

Original Part

QTY per board Pic Additional Info Replaced with Alternative Alternative
C1, C2 470uF 50V Capacitor, Radial 2   7.5mm between leads b/n centres 470uF 100V Capacitor 63V, 477KXM063MQV, 16mm x 25mm 100V, 477KXM100M, 16mm x 40mm
C3, C4 100uF 35V Capacitor, Radial (Use 220uF) 2   5mm between leads b/n centres 220uF 50V Capacitor  
C5 4.7uF 50V Capacitor Axial or Radial 1    
C6 0.0047uF 100V Mylar Capacitor, Radial 1   Jaycar P/No #  C0047UM  
C7, C9 0.01uF Ceramic 50V, Axial 2   Glass C010UMC - 0.01uF 50V Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
C8 0.033uF 600V Polyprop. 1   Mylar Jaycar 630V 400V  
C10, C12, C13 0.1uF Ceramic 50V, Axial 3   Glass C100UMC - 0.1uF 50V Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor
C11 0.001uF Ceramic 1000V, Radial 1   Ceramic Disk    
CR1 1N914 diode 1 1N4148  
CR2 Red LED 1     Anywhere    
CR3 BYV26G 1   0.4A, 1500 PIV Fast- Recovery Rectifier. HY15F or NTE558 Element 14: BY448-TR

X-ON: BY448GP-E354

Alt BY448TAP
CR4 Zener 6.8V  1N754A 1   X-ON (12W)  $0.10ea / 10 DIODE ZENER 6.8V 500MW (DO-35)
CR5, 6 1N4001 diode 2    
CR8 MUR2100EG diode MUCH CHEAPER UF2008 Optional   Optional part (RECENTLY EDITED) Only needed if BU406 is used in Q3 ("D" missing)  
Q1, Q5 2N3904 transistor 2    
Q2 MPSU-07 1     Bob Roberts SK3199, CEN-07  
Q3 BU406D 1 Mouser
Q4 SCR   MCR100-3 (osolete) Use X0202MA 1BA2 1     Aliexpress Element14 0.8A 600V (TO-92) BT169G
R5 1.2KΩ, 1/2W resistor 1          
R6 3.9KΩ, 1/2W resistor 1          
R7 2KΩ Trimpot 1   Bournes Trimmer sheet
R8, R25 1KΩ, 1/2W resistor 1          
R9 22KΩ, 1/2W resistor 1          
R10 4.7KΩ, 1/2W resistor 1          
R11, R12, R15 2.2KΩ, 1/2W resistor 3          
R13 39Ω, 1/2W resistor 1          
R17 20KΩ Trimpot 1   Link fixed to the right Mouser 652-3386P-1-203LF. Bournes Trimmer sheet
R19 68KΩ, 1/2W resistor 1   If using the original Amplifone Focus Block      
R19 100KΩ, 1/2W resistor     If using the a WG6100 Focus Block If 68KΩ is used the HV will not cut off at 25KV    
R20, R21 50Ω, 5W resistor 2   50Ω 30W resistor $5.97 47Ω 30W resistor 50Ω 30W resistor TO-220 47Ω 30W resistor TO-220 or Digikey
VR1 7824 (+ve) Regulator 1    (No insulator) ECG972  
VR2 7924  (-ve) Regulator 1    (Insulator) ECG971  
U1 NE555N timer IC 1    
FA1 Focus Assy DIY 1   How to see post # 121 & 122 Twisted Quarter    
MK3306 TO-220 insulator 1   For VR2 only (Neg Regulator)    
Neck11 Neck Connector 11 pin 1          
T2 Flyback  1     Twisted Quarter    
R26 Resistor in Neck Connector 1   On Focus pin # 1 (10K, 1W)      
R27 Resistor in Neck Connector 1   On G1 pin # 5 (2.2K, 1W)      
R28 Resistor in Neck Connector 1   On G2 pin # 6 (2.2K, 1W)      
P103 9 WAY CONNECTOR HOUSING 1   538-50-84-1090 MOUSER    
P102 3 WAY CONNECTOR HOUSING HV Harness side of DAG wire 1   538-50-84-2030 MOUSER    
J102 3 WAY MATING CONNECTOR DAG Wire Side 1   538-50-84-1035 MOUSER      
P104 2 WAY Connector for Degauss 1   538-50-84-2022 MOUSER      
P102 pins PIN TERMINAL MALE (For 3 way) 2   538-02-08-2004 MOUSER 1629253 ELEMENT14  
P103 Pins PIN TERMINAL FEMALE (For 9 way) 8   538-02-08-1002 MOUSER 1685109 ELEMENT14  
Heatsink Heatsink Suit Q3 1   Digi-Key US x-on AU    
Pin Arrow Plastic arrow clip, 561-AC020 1   Mouser X-ON Holds down Q2 to PCB  
MC1 AIR REPRO Air core choke Optional   Amazing Arcading      
MC1 RECT REPRO Rectangular Choke Optional   Amazing Arcading      
MC1 TOR REPRO Round Choke Optional   Amazing Arcading      
T1 REPRO Driver Transformer 1   Amazing Arcading      
HS-Glue Heat Shrink Tube - Glue Lined Suit Focus block 2   Amazing Arcading      
PCB Bare Part No DB-A201012-04 1   Amazing Arcading      
NeckPCB New Neck PCB 1   Amazing Arcading      
Conn12WayF Molex 12 way Female Connector 1 Row 1   Element14 Mouser Attached with female crimp pins to harness Twistyswrist   Pins Seperately
CrimpPin Molex Crimp Terminal Suit Conn12Way 11   Element14 Mouser Female pins for neck 12 way board  
Conn12WayM Molex 12 way Male Connector 1 Row 1   Element 14 or here Mouser Soldered to Neck PCB  
Conn6WayM Molex 6 Way Male Connector 1 Row 2   Element 14   2 of these will fit perfectly if 12 way not available  


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