PAT9000 XY Combo Vector Chassis Site

 BY DEZBAZ    Updated 30-Sept-2019

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Pat9000 Whole Schematics - Redrawn

Parts we sell - Amazing Arcading PAT9000 Chassis being designed - KLOV thread

 Color Schematic PAT9000 12 Pin CRT (CR23) for 19" TVs

 Amended 16 - Feb -2014


 Color Schematic PAT9000 8 Pin CRT (CR31) for 13" TVs

 Amended 6 - April - 2014


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Dez's LAI KZ 19" BW chassis site PAT9000 Repro Available here - KLOV Thread
Dez'sAmplifone Site Parts List PAT9000 (18-Apr_2014) Final List (NEW)
19V2000 XY B&W site  
Dez's WG6100 Site Pat9000 Layout (original)


12 Pin Original (CR23)


12 Pin Reproduction (CR23) 2014


8 Pin Reproduction (CR31) 2014




Dez's G05-801 BW Chassis Site
GPE Electronics
Atari.pdf (Origin Unknown & Similar to above)
Setting Purity & Convergence
Cap Kit for this monitor (Juniors Revenge)
Used in Meteor, Asteroids, Asteroids Deluxe
2N3792 (Q7 & 17) Transistors: 2N3716 (Q6 & Q16) NEW

Prototypes arrived

19" CRT Running

on Repro PAT9000

The Real Bob Roberts Site
Atari Vector FAQ's
Parts List PAT9000 (18-Apr_2014) Final List (NEW)
Neck Board Pic Track side - Huge
Neck Board Pic Track side - Huge, with Parts drawn

Spot Killer Schematic Explained

Orig. - Panoramic view


Reproduction, almost complete

Bournes Trimmers Sheet  
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