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Fault Finding, at a local caravan park

  We were called out on a Friday night recently to a caravan park in the Perth Northern Suburbs
  The caller was frantic as a there were many things going wrong, and it was a busy time of the week
We were able to get there within 40 mins, as it was home time and the jobs of the day were finished
When I arrived the client told me the problems, it seemed a few different clients were effected
  It was clear there was a lot going on and a lot of frantic caravaners upset with the park owner for not being able to give them the power they needed
  First you gather the clues, and get info from all parties
Then you continue by checking what is turning off in the switchboard
  Caravaner #1 was once an electrician, he said, so he was insisting I take his course of action
  Caravaner #2 said his caravan was 2 years old, and worked up the road, so insisted his van and lead were fine
  After focusing on all the problems and doing some tests on the caravans and the electrical switchboard and socket outlets, the following was found
  Caravan #1 had a faulty lead - Repaired, by replacing his plug
  Caravan #2 had a faulty hot water unit element. The owner said he will fix it the next day. He could still use his gas fuel to heat the water.
  Two of the parks power points were faulty. IE: Loose, and incapable of holding the plugs, so they were replaced
  Turned everyone's power back on, and everyone was happy again. Time to head home :)

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