Dezbaz's LAI Chassis for B&W Vector Monitors

LAI-KZ-20XYB Chassis

 BY DEZBAZ    updated 19 - April - 2015

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Original Chassis Parts List (Incomplete) Flyback for LAI XY chassis

My Complete Chassis Parts List (Including Suppliers)
LAI User Manual (Including Schematics)
Auxiliary Power Supply Diagram
Unusual symptoms, unusual outcome - Deflection YOKE (KLOV)
Experimenting on BW TVs - Larger than 20" (Aussie Arcade)
My Smaller XY Monitors 13", 15" Taito Asteroids
Adapter Plugs made
Test Bench setup for vectors Click on Pic below to supersize

(Asteroids PCB With Multi Kit to be installed on a Rev04 board)

Supply Voltages needed for LAI Chassis
Sourcing Alternative Flybacks for the LAI Chassis
Dez's LAI Vector Bare PCB Etching Project

My AR1 Bare PCB Project

Vector Voltages Incl. LAIs   What's my monitor chart / Pics  
The Real Bob Roberts Site Atari AR Modification  
Audio Regs & Transformers to suit XY's (Elektronforge) Andy's Arcade AR sense Modification  
  Making this PCB thread HERE  
  Bit_Slicers take on AR sense Modification
Lunar Lander PCB detailed IC chart
  Dez's Cabinet Repro Project KLOV
  Dezbaz Index Page
  UKVAC threads  
B&W Vector Monitor from a TV thread    
    Replacing a monitor's Anode HV Cup Thread (KLOV)
    Custom Colour pic LAI KZ Schematic Diagram
   Whole Cab. Lunar Lander Schematic LAI (Australian)


Reworked 2015 below

Aussie Arcade Threads
XY B&W Monitor Pool of knowledge Thread
Replacing a monitor's Anode HV Cup Thread
Interest thread: Making LAI B&W monitor pot adjustment boards (5 x pots)

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