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WG6100 XY Vector Chassis Site

 BY DEZBAZ    Edited 08-October-2019

<< Back to My Arcade Links << Atari Monitor TM-183 3Rd Printing WG 6100 XY Quadrascan 2 Schematic (High Res & Cleaned up

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Dez's 19V2000 Vector Chassis Site INFO: Replacement HV Units from Arcade Shop WG6100  Thanks Pat Danis :)
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Dez's G05-801 BW Chassis Site
Universal High Voltage site  NEW 2017 WG6100 Parts List 2014: Neck Board (.xls) FINAL checked
WG6400 Site  NEW 2018 WG6100 Parts List 2015: Deflection (.xls) Final Checked - NEW
Power Brick Hack My thread WG6100 Parts List 2014: HV High Voltage (.xls) FINAL checked
Repro T901 Repro Thread  
Power Brick Hack tb_lilley's thread Threads
Anatomy of a CRT Monitor Making WG6100 Input Protection PCBs
Making WG6100 Yokes Bournes Trimmers Sheet
Fixing Tempest (Spot Killer, bright Dot) Bob Roberts Parts Kit pdf
Making WG6100 HV Boards All getting re-reun- NEW Bob Roberts Additional Parts Kit pdf
WG6100 Chassis powering an Amplifone 25" Tube Thanks Joeycuda
13" Color Vector Monitors / Pat 9000
Swapping WG6100 with an Amp??
Fine tuning WG6100, something different result Thanks Gatordad
P101 not aligned, IE: Off by by 1 pin - What happens? Thanks Scottmaggie
On the HV Q906 (BU207) Alternative = 2SC1046L WG6100 Input Protection Repro Thread for P314 Deflection
On the HV Q900 (BU409) Alternative = 2SD401A PAT9000 Repro Thread
Dezbaz Index Page WG6100 Deflection Mods -Which ones?
Reproduction 8 Pin - KLOV Thread CR Changer Adapter  NEW  WG6100 Full, P314, P315 & P316 Schematic
  EMAIL Me: here  
 WG6100 Full, P327 P328 & P329 Orig Schematic (12 Pin CRT)  WG6100 Full, P327 P328 & P329 Schematic (Repro 8 Pin CRT) With Input Protection circuit incorporated
  19V2000 Site NEW Color Version of the above diagram HERE
 WG6100 Full, P327 P328 & P329 Schem with NEW LV circuit

 (12 Pin CRT) With 4 x Diode Mods Added

 WG6100 Full, P327 P328 & P329 Schem with NEW LV Circuit

 (Repro 8 Pin CRT)

 WG6100 Full, P314, P315 & P316 Schematic

Color Version of this diagram

WG6100 Original but Wider HV Schematic NEW December 2016

 WG6100 Full, P314, P315 & P316 Schematic
 With IPC and LV2000 incorporated
The Real Bob Roberts Site
Resistances of Deflection Coils see post # 4
Atari Vector FAQ's
Repro Input Prot Circuits (IPC) - WG6100 Deflection
2N3792 PNP (Q7 & 17) Deflection Transistors: 2N3716 NPN (Q6 & Q16) NEW

Amplifone T1, compared to a WG6100 T901

Color Version of the above diagram HERE
Color Version of above with Defl. LV schematic drawn in
Atari.pdf (Origin Unknown & Similar to above)  
Setting Purity & Convergence  
Pinouts of Neck - Go to Page 5  
Greg Woodcock's FAQ's (convergence)    
GPE Electronics