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Repro Parts Available
HV MC1, T1
HV CRT Neck Connector 12 Pin
HV Parts List for HV (Make your own)
HV Schematic A201012-04 Suits New PCB

Pics and Links
Deflection Schematic - Cleaned up
Atari AR2 Schematic - Cleaned up
HV Schematic Rev-01
HV Schematic Rev-02
Whole Monitor Schematic

My History
How it all started
Vector co-incidence
Old Site Complete

Amplifone Ambitions
Deflection Board Repro other side
Combined Deflection and HV thread
Combined Raster and vector tube?
Deflection Yoke Winding
Almost any TV tube in an Amplifone Cab
What's next: Yoke rewinding




Resistors are incorporated into the new Neck Connector

Revision A201012-04 Schematic here

 Buy one?


The Repro: October 2011

Repro HV Driver Transformer T1

More Amplifone Links
Vector Monitor Voltages Chart
Star Wars Power Brick Schematic
Star Wars Whole Cab Schematic
Amazing Arcading Store (Make your own)
Quantum Schematics

Threads / Links
Early Interest thread
25" TV to Vector thread
Yoke Rewinding thread

WG6100 Focus Block Mod / Hack

WG6100 Flyback / Hack - using just the focus block


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