AMPLIFONE XY Vector  BY DEZBAZ    updated 29-May-2013
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AR2 Schematic (High Res & Cleaned up)

Atari Monitor Upgrade Awesome (Table of contents)
Rewinding Site 1 Pre-amble (Thanks Jrok)

Alternatives to Amplifone CRT - M48AAW00X

By the way the Orig S/Wars Amp was a 25" A63AAX00X

Rewinding Site 2 Actual Rewinding Site (Thanks Jrok) Secret Life of XY Monitors
Seller of 23 SWG Enamelled Copper Wire  click Deflection Board Narrative - good
BU406D Transistor - Australia Fitting a 6100 Yoke onto an Amplifone CRT ??
BU406D Transistor - Andy's Arcade
BU406 or alt NTE379 Transistor Need diode to do that post #85
Arcadecup Flyback Supplier Using an Amplifone Tube with WG 6100 Electronics
HV Whole Parts Kit except MPSU07 - Andy's Arcade  - UK WG Yoke on a Amplifone Tube
Pic of above Parts kit received click Using A Color monitor in a B&W Game go to page 10
MPSU07 Supplier or use SK3199 or real bob roberts Zektor PCB
Flyback Supplier - Arcadeshop - USA Zektor Site   Zektor Site BW Monitor - Color Games
HV Board Versions Pages 49, 50 & 51 AMPLIFONE WHOLE MONITOR SCHEMATIC - NEW 2011
Replacing Flyback Transformer guide - Cinelabs
 Put your name down Get a Deflection PCB  NEW
Dez's Amplifone Deflection PCB Parts List  NEW
 Put your name down Get a HV PCB

Dez's Amplifone HV Board Parts List

Amplifone Parts we sell  - Amazing Arcading
Ataricade - Odds and Ends (Excellent)   HV Parts / Assembly / Install info thread VectorVGA - Use a SVGA as a replacement XY Monitor
Star Wars Troubleshooting Fry's Electronics VectorVGA Tempest Manual (Same as below)
Fans in an Amplifone cab (Thanks Jeff C) :) abra electronics Joe's Arcade Upgrades to colored boards
Vector Monitor Reference (Ataricade) Anatomy of a CRT monitor, like never before! NEW Vector Test Rig Site 1
Amplifone Guide 1.1 Schematics Star Wars (xarcade) Dez's Amplifone HV Bare PCB Vector Test Rig Site 2
  Rauland M48AAW00X Pics Dez's Amplifone Deflection Bare PCB Amplifone HV & Deflection FAQ & Guide (Game Archive)
Amplifone FAQ 1_2 Star Wars - Huge Vertical Schem. - Whole Cab AMPLIFONE WAVEFORMS CHART
  Star Wars - Huge Horizontal Schem. - Whole Cab Bournes Trimmer Sheet
Quantum Schematics Amplifone Star Wars Monitor Schematic Setting up a HV Board Correctly
13" Amplifone Manual Amplifone Star Wars Power Supply Schematic Voltages
19 & 25" Amplifone Manual (NEW) Manual Star Wars Using an LCD in a Vector Cabinet (Same as above)
Sega to Atari Monitor Adapter Audio Regs&Transformers to suit XY's (Elektronforge) Pinouts of Neck - Go to Page 5
Greg Woodcock's FAQ's (convergence) Andys Arcade Germany Great Close-up pics Test Points
Setting Purity & Convergence Dez's Vector Links Site NEW

Whole Monitor Schematic

Power Brick Hack My thread
Power Brick Hack tb_lilley's thread
Atari.pdf (Origin Unknown & Similar to above)

Revision A201012-01 HV PCB - Beige Schematic



 Revision A201012-02 HV PCB - Blue and Beige Schem.


 Revision A201012-04 HV PCB - NEW & Released !

WG6100 Page 11 Dec 2011

How do WG6100 and Amplifone Differ
The Real Bob Roberts Site Atari GPE Electronics CRT Basic Operation / Theory   
Aussie Arcade Threads Amplifone and Oscilloscopes
XY B&W Monitor Pool of knowledge Thread
Resistances of Deflection Coils see post # 4
Star Wars Lives Thread - John's Arcade Amplifone Deflection Board Schematic Diagram

Color HV Revision -04 (27-Nov-2011)


Awesome diagram All 3 revisions of the Amplifone HV board

(From Game archive - converted to jpg)

Yokes Site - Alternatives ??  
More Oscilloscope Vector "How to"
Dez's 25" TV to Starwars vector monitor project
Rauland 25" A63AAX00X Alternatives
What's my monitor chart / Pics  
Vector VGA Thread
2N3792 PNP (Q7 & 17) Deflection Transistors: 2N3716 NPN (Q6 & Q16) NEW
Alternatives Transistors for Vectors

MPSU07 (NPN) and MPSU57 (PNP), 2N3716 (NPN) and 2N3792 (PNP)

EMAIL Me: here
Amplifone (NEW) INFO: Replacement HV Units from Arcade Shop WG6100 (NEW)

Thanks Pat Danis :)

Resistors in the neck connector (Click) Thanks Jehuie for orig. pic

Atari Vector FAQ's      WG6100 Site NEW
Discussion about Mame and Alternate LCD Possibilities Fitting WG6100 Focus Block Mod

Threads: Quick Links

Star Wars Upright Main Harness

Council Kerbside Collection Thread
AA 25" TV for Star Wars Alternative Transistors for the D40PT on the Deflection board
KLOV 25" TV for Star Wars Dez's Yoke Rewinding - 25" Amplifone
KLOV Amplifone Deflection Board repro discussion Dez's proto Amplifone Site - good links
AA Amplifone Deflection Board repro discussion 19V2000 Site (Starting out)
UKVAC SW Harness Project Dezbaz Index Page
AA SW Harness Project

Amplifone T1, compared to a WG6100 T901

KLOV SW Harness Project LINK Fixed
KLOV WG6100 HV Board Repro Discussion
AA Vector Tubes Interest Thread
AA Converting a Raster Power Brick to a Vector power Brick Mod
KLOV Quantum PCB Post your Progress  
KLOV Quantum PCB Pre-order thread  
KLOV ZVG Fully Working thread  
2N3716 and 2N3792 Alternatives  

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