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CKONG Bootleg 2 PCB Set



I purchased this PCB off eBay a few years ago, as I'm a bit obsessed with the game. My brother had a CK cab, and a CK1 PCB in it. I played all versions of CK on MAME and found the closest equivelent of his game was actually the Alca bootleg. Second closest was the Monkey Donkey Board

I set out to purchase every CK board I could worldwide until I found the one I was looking for

I have now solved the riddle, as I have acquired CK1, CK2, Monkey Donkey, Donkey Kong Scramble Hardware, CK Alca Bootleg and a different format Monkey Donkey.

I have briefly had the scramble one going, I got it to load by twisting and tugging at the board, and saw it was in fact what it was meant to be. However I never was able to climb the ladder at the foot on level 1, as the seller told me this had the galaxian pinouts. I bought a Galaxian adapter, but alas, if you think of galaxian for a second, it only had left and right, no up and down. Next time I plugged it in to test it and find the up and down, the darn thing didn't work, so that's in the gunna pile now. Did you know the CK Scramble board is actually on a King and Balloon PCB, it's a hack, and this was found by checking every pic on the site PCB pics until one resembled it (See how obsessed I am)

I also have a monkey donkey board which has the CK Pinout of 18 pins back and front, however the board has 22 pins each side. The first 4 pins are blanks. Took a while to figure that one out.

My favourite board is my Alca above as it is the rarest, and it lets you go behind the Monkey on the rivet levels (100m level)

My high score is about 250K on this board.

Did you know I devised a way to play Donkey Kong Foundry on a Mame Machine, without the Expensive PCB or Software  see  here  to check it out

I have a River Patrol PCB, and guess what, it has CK Falcon 18 pin pinouts too, except the controls are different, but the board fires up using the CK Falcon Pinouts, pitty I have faulty ram on that board, one day I will replace it . . .

Feel free to contact me if you have interesting info to add

Yes I realise that's a DK above, but anyone got cool CK Pics???


Dezbaz (KLOV, Aussie Arcade)